Our Consultancy Services are always tailored for your specific needs. After an in-depth discussion, we will recommend the most suitable programme options, which may also include elements from our Talent Development and Psychometric Testing Services.

Strategic Digital Assets. Do you have a Strategic Digital Asset Plan? A competitive and comprehensive online Vision for your Business? If not, what is driving your efforts right now? We are specialists in Strategic Digital Asset Development and can assist you in formulating and executing a systematic plan, which will lead you and your business to greater levels of success and profitability.

Business Performance Review. How convinced are you that each facet of your business is performing at its optimum? What if there was a way to assess each element and to then create a blueprint that would greatly improve performance and radically change and strengthen all aspects of your Business for lasting results? We can show you effective and time-efficient methods to help you accomplish this.

How successful is your Sales and Marketing Function? When was the last time you had an external objective assessment and review? Many traditional sales and marketing processes no longer serve the current demands of the marketplace, and result in both inferior performance and non-value added activities. We have the expertise to both critically evaluate your current sales process and to then devise and execute a seven-point plan, unique to your way of doing business.

Exceptional Customer/Client Service.  Few get this one right. And yet, it is a critically important function to all businesses. Poor customer service is the major reason customers leave. We can help you build an excellent Customer Service function which will help you retain and grow the most important person to your business - your customer.

Developing your Management Team. Have your managers developed their abilities, both individually and as a team? Are you fully capitalising on this invaluable resource? We can develop a programme that will help each of them to understand their own style of managing but also provide a foundational and consistent framework within which the team can excel.

Psychometric Profiling. We have a range of excellent profiling tools, for the successful selection of new people and developing the talent of those already in your Business. See our separate page for full information.

Recruitment and Selection. Done incorrectly, this is an expensive mistake. We can assist you in sourcing, selecting, and retaining the very best people out there. From finding the highest quality and most appropriate candidates, right through to their initial screening, subsequent interviewing, and reference checks.

Innovation and Creativity. One of the most overlooked and under-utilised assets inherent in your Business is the "creativity pool". So many businesses spend little or no time developing or encouraging this in a formalised way and, yet, the outcomes can be hugely profitable. Whatever your goals, tapping into the creativity already inherent in your Business is something you simply cannot afford to ignore. And as seasoned professionals in this area, we can show you ways of unlocking both personal and organisational creativity which can be translated directly into strategic advantage in your marketplace.

"The Temple Group have worked with Nova to facilitate the development of both our senior management team and our sales teams. Nova approached this challenge by endeavouring to understand the people first, their styles, strengths and weakness. Then, working with these teams towards a common goal, were instrumental in creating a momentum of growth and development that has been of tremendous value to the individuals, teams and the business overall. Nova has a unique and refreshing approach that will benefit any organisation committed to thriving in these challenging times…".
Paul Ryan, Managing Director

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