These training events can be delivered over a timeframe that works best for you. Our focus is on developing the skillset of your people, ensuring that everybody has the potential to work at their best and feel fulfilled in the process.
Sales and Sales Management Training Events

Foundational Selling Skills This workshop introduces the basic processes, skills, knowledge, and attitudes required to sell professionally and effectively. It highlights the areas for development each Sales professional requires, in order for them to gain greater confidence and ability.

The Sales Entrepreneur™ This workshop develops and builds upon many of the approaches covered in "Foundational Selling Skills". It also introduces a wide variety of neglected topics, which will greatly benefit the more experienced sales specialist.

Negotiating Profitable Deals Negotiation can be a complex process. It involves both strategic and creative thinking along with the ability to reach an agreement that satisfies both parties. Negotiating Profitable Deals is a practical guide to improving both your confidence and overall negotiating performance.

Building Personal Effectiveness™ Time constraints, deadlines, stress, pressure, all of these effect the way we deal with our work and lives and can cause us to feel that we are not operating at full potential. This workshop assists individuals in identifying the areas that cause the greatest challenge to personal effectiveness and begins the process of dismantling the barriers.

Business Presentation Workshop In a demanding and competitive market it is critical that business presentations be expertly delivered. Knowing and understanding your product is one aspect, however the main difficulty is in the actual act of PRESENTING to that most important audience, the client! In this workshop we teach the essential ingredients of successful and focused presentations in addition to helping participants realize that they have more to bring to their presentations than they thought. It will assist them in the discovery of their own unique style and public speaking abilities.

Maximising Sales Opportunities This is a highly practical workshop for people who develop most of their new and existing business through the telephone. It focuses on the effective use of this medium as a sales tool and enables each member of your sales team to integrate their natural sales skills and talents with the strategic approaches which are covered throughout the day.

Managing the Sales Team - Customised Workshops These workshops are multi-levelled and available for those newly appointed to the role or experienced/Senior Managers who wish to upgrade their knowledge and abilities, while taking time to refocus their approaches. It can be tailored for any of these levels and is designed for the specific needs of your Sales Managers.
Business Skills Training Events

The Leadership Development Programme is a highly practical development programme for Team Leaders and Managers, as well as more senior staff who have not been exposed to management development in the past.

This particular programme has a strong emphasis on development, at both the skill and personal level. What will result is a deeper understanding of the leadership role of each participant, and the optimum ways of identifying, prioritising and developing those skills and personal attributes that will maximise their effectiveness, influence and contribution.

TEAMBUILDER™ - Many so called teams are simply groups of individuals working and interacting together, but not fundamentally tapping into each individual's unique talent, gifts and resources which create a highly effective team. The theory which underpins effective teamwork will be translated into challenging and insightful learning activities and exploration throughout the two days. This 1 Day workshop enables the team to act more cohesively as a highly effective unit whilst capitalising on the diversity of the team-members.

CUSTOMER CARE - this programme is for all Frontline Staff and it develops an awareness of customer service requirements, along with the necessary skills to deal with difficult customer interactions in a professional manner. It focuses on both telephone and face-to-face communication.

MANAGING PERFORMANCE AND DEVELOPMENT - probably one of the most misunderstood and under-utilised tools available to managers, team leaders and supervisors. In this workshop, we de-mystify the process of managing individual team-member performance, leading to higher levels of motivation and contribution.

INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY SERIES - these 1 and 2 Day workshops focus on highly innovative approaches to unlocking both personal and organisational creativity, transforming the way you do business, problem-solve or tackle age-old processes that no longer work. It is a highly interactive and adventurous experience designed to lead you to high levels of creative group and self-discovery, which can be translated directly into strategic advantage in your marketplace

Great Time Management Tools. Time is a critical resource and we can show you ways to be much more effective and focused. Our approach is a combination of traditional and new, cutting-edge tools, which can radically alter your use of time. We also focus on tools which ensure change takes place and stays in place. This leads to getting the results that really matter to you, more consistently.

Personalised Masterclasses. All of these People Talent Services can also be done on a completely personalised basis. Comprising Face-to-Face, telephone, Skype and email formats and on a timescale that will work for you.

All Workshops take place at a venue of your choice and include a complimentary and highly valuable 12-month phone/e-mail support service.
"Nova's innovative approach has enabled Bowne Global Solutions instil a culture of continual performance improvement in our Sales force. This has been achieved through our shared philosophy which is centred round continuous improvement of the individual as a whole, not just one-off courses".
Julie-Anne Lawlor, Vice-President European Sales, Bowne Global Solutions
"Each member of our team has been taught invaluable skills for both face to face selling and tele-sales. All of this has helped us set out clearly defined goals, improved our marketing strategies, business ethics and most importantly, has increased sales. Without a doubt NOVA has made us look at the potential of our growing business and a vision for success".
Jacqueline Taylor, Managing Director, TopGifts
"Nova provided my sales team with tailored 2 day Sales Excellence workshops. I and the rest of the team found the sessions both refreshing and informative. As Sales Director, the employee profiling really gave me a good understanding of my staff which enabled me to play to each person's strengths and abilities. I would highly recommend Paul and the rest of the team at Nova".
Neil Phelan, Sales Director, HCS Business Solutions

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