Quite often, an invisible dimension is at work in your Business. Because so much of our behaviour is driven by our personalities, it is crucial to understand and appreciate the human diversity that is a part of every business.

We have a range of excellent profiling tools that can provide a methodology and vocabulary for addressing motivation and performance in the workplace. These insights enable people to better apply and integrate their technical, professional, and personal skill sets.

Developing People
They capitalise on individual strengths in order to help you form a diverse and talented team. The result is greater effectiveness, drive, and organisation, throughout all business departments. They can be used to:
  • Coach and Mentor staff to Peak Performance
  • Develop High Performing Teams
  • Boost your Sales Team's results
  • Increase Motivation and Effectiveness
  • Improve communication at all levels of your Business
  • Enhance Leadership and Management Skills
  • Augment Time Management and Personal Organisation
The result is:
  • more motivated and effective people
  • a better understanding of colleagues,
  • a greater appreciation of differences and
  • a clearer idea of how individual team roles can be utilised to maximise the overall potential of the team.

Recruitment and Selection.

Do you ever find yourself getting stuck in the Hiring/Firing cycle by recruiting the wrong people? Would you like to find a system that will enable you to get it right the first time and retain the best and most highly motivated candidates? Many of our Clients use these profiling tools to provide a solid foundation for their recruitment and selection efforts.

"I have used NOVA's psychometric profiling system on a number of occasions within our recruitment process this year and have found it invaluable. It gives great insight to an individual's suitability to a particular role and has really helped us avoid making expensive mistakes in the recruitment process. ".
Alfie Harnett General Manager, Tipperary Water

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